This is a feeling unlike any other. You prepare yourself for this, you think you are ready, but no matter how many times you assure yourself of your preparedness, there still exists a very high chance you will be caught unaware.

They turn to you, expecting an answer. All vital functions you once performed so autonomically now become a chore. It's simple, it's oh-so-simple, you tell yourself. (So why am I unable to speak?)

Any answer...any answer will suffice. They really don't care what you think. Stupid inanimate objects. Contain no real feeling, no emotion. They've never had to endure something like this.

But you can't think of what to say. You know what to say, you can feel the urge to say it, you just can't think of it. They're staring (not really), they'll laugh (of course not), this matters so much (oh, yes).

Give up. Just give up. (This will be lovely and peaceful.) Dragging your thoughts out of self-contemplation you finally answer.


(Oh, God--such horrible silence. What did I say wrong?)

You didn't say anything wrong. You just weren't susposed to speak. There is no crowd, no question, no pressure. Just those silly inanimate objects.

And I think you scared them.

this was a lonely little nodeshell i found and filled with random thoughts.

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