Pronounced something like moy-YET-as, molletes are a delicious breakfast food with roots in Mexican cuisine. They consist of a bun with refried beans and shredded cheese on top. The beans are layered on top of the bun, and the cheese placed atop the beans, The mollete-to-be is then broiled until the cheese has turned crispy. The 'true' mollete is made with bolillos, a Mexican bun which is the shorter cousin of a baguette. This is a fairly simple recipe, in that the description almost covers it. To start:

Cut the bolillos in half, and slice a small section off of the top halves, so that it will lie flat on a baking sheet. Season the refried beans to taste with salt and such spices as you feel are appropriate. Layer the beans on top of the bun to a thickness of a half inch or so. Apply cheese so that the beans are completely covered. Place the molletes on a baking sheet, and place them in the middle rack of an oven set to broil. Retrieve them when the cheese has become crispy, bubbly and golden-brown. Allow them to cool, and serve with salsa on the side. 

My step-father cooks these as a family meal rather a lot. When I moved out, I began to make them for the guys in the apartment. They became pretty popular, pretty quick. They make for an excellent breakfast, and reward experimentation. My mother likes to put pre-cooked bacon under the cheese, for instance. I prefer to go light on salsa, and use a "chunky" brand of refried beans with more whole beans in them. As always, your mileage may vary.

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