"We are ugly but we have the music ..."

If you'd like your mix posted here please either send me a copy or let me know where I can download it. I'd love for this page to be fleshed out with a few dozen more dj noder types. I am just looking for 'mixes', however, not 'compilations'.

All of my mixes posted here have a word file containing a track list and notes as well as front and back cover art .jpegs. The word files are the same as the E2 superdocs. Someday in a world that's beautiful and nice my friends will give me the track lists for the mixes they made and then we'll all drink happy juice and be tall and good looking.

If you cannot see the username / password / URL link below please msg dem bones - assuming he asked you here in the first place (otherwise you're not supposed to be able to see it).

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Please upload your musics via SFTP to baracus.netpimp.com
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Download Directory '; %

--dem bones

Contents of directory:

by dem bones:

    Secondaries: (singles)
  • The Cure - New Day (tasty mix)
  • Prodigy - Breathe (more music mix)
  • Radiohead - The National Anthem (howling)
  • Godsmack - Voodoo (dannye does drugs)
  • Moby - Porcelin (clubbed to death by bukowski)
  • Radiohead - Everything in its Right Place (I'd Rather Not)
  • Underworld - 8 Ball (ROBOTS!)

by the frame:

by lawnjart:

by lawnjart and aphexious:

by robnotrob:

  • Good Times

by nate:

  • Neat Flows
  • Merry Xmas Mutations 2000

by aphexious:

by rbcg:

by briiiiian:

by dann:

by The Corinthians:

Goofing around on Round Round Robin