This is going to hurt

Mink oil is refined from the fatty layer between the pelt and the musculature of a mink. Probably discovered by trappers who had the nasty chore of depriving the critters of their pelts for filthy lucre, it became famous for its use in caring for leather. Mink oil is used as both a waterproofing agent and aids in maintaining flexibility in leather. Leather, while it is wrapped around a cow or other future leather source, is naturally moistened by the owner. Upon the demise of said owner the skin is processed to produce leather, which requires moisturization from an external source. What could be more effective than to borrow that moisture/lubricant from another animal?

It's in there...

Mink oil claims to be the closest natural oil to that produced by our own body. It finds itself in medicines, most notably for treatment of psoriasis and eczema.

Another use for mink oil is in cosmetics, where it too finds duty as a moisturizer. This proves beyond any doubt that women will apply literally anything to their face in the vain attempt to defeat time and its attendant wrinkles. Mink oil contains palmitoleic acid, an essential fatty acid also produced in the human body. The body uses this fatty acid to lubricate and moisturize skin. Individuals who have a shortage of this acid may benefit from external sources to keep skin moist, smooth, and supple. There are also other sources of this acid, notably plant-based sources, which mink far and wide want shouted from the rooftops.

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Mink are related to weasels, ferrets, and others of Family Mustelidae. They are relatively small but fierce carnivores, happily snacking on frogs, snakes, rodents and other small prey. As with any animal, they provide natural oil to their own fur. If you are environmentally conscious and still require moisturization, you may consider rubbing your entire body with a living mink. This will transfer the natural oils from their luxurious fur onto your scaly, parched skin. It'll feel wonderful to you and probably be quite interesting for the mink as well.


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