A military hospital is much like any other hospital. It's a big building, with a lot of little rooms. people scurry back and forth alot. Most of these people are Doctors, nurses and PA's. The real difference between a military hospital and civilian hospital, at least in the US, is the quality of care you will receive. Here's the clincher, a soldier cannot sue another soldier. All military doctors are commissioned officers. If a soldier receives poor care from a military doctor, that soldier can not sue for malpractice. All of the doctors know this. I'm not saying that all of them are rude and insensitive, but most of them certainly are. Civilian dependents of soldiers are another thing though. A civilian dependent of a soldier can sue for malpractice against a military doctor. I think the doctors tend to forget this though, and get lax in their bedside manner. Here's a story. The daughter of a retired friend of mine went into the hospital at Fort Carson for a routine apendix removal. For three days after the operations completion she was in agony. She screamed almost constantly until she was sedated. My friend asked what the problem was, had anything gone wrong? The doctor told my friend that some discomfort was normal. On the second day the doctor claimed that the young lady must be a substance abuser and was throwing tantrums to obtain pain relievers. On the third day my friend stormed into the chief surgeons office and raised holy hell until they agreed to go back and do some exploratory surgery. They discovered that the original surgeon had managed to perforate three inches of her intestine more than a dozen times. She recovered. My friend was powerless. Had he still been an active duty soldier he would surely have received disciplinary action for his fit of rage against a superior officer. His daughter sued the surgeon for malpractise and won a small settlement. The surgeon received no reprimands or any disciplinary action at all. The US Army payed his malpractise settlement.

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