Medkit is slang from medical kit. It is a small container (most of the time metal 1'6" wide, 1' long, and about 3" deep) that houses basic medical tools for easy transport. These are much like a heavy duty first aid kit carried by people that know what they are doing more so than a typical person that would carry a standard first aid kit. A paramedic's kit would be a fine example of such a medkit.

While a first aid kit would have limited supplies such as bandages, mild pain killers, and thermometer; a medkit would also have items like a small flashlight, scalpel, forceps, sutures, and other tools that could be transported to do medical field work. Although it is made for easy transport, it is not always used as a mobile unit.

In video games, medkits restore health or hit points to a player. These medkits tend to be found on the ground and must be picked up to be used as in Halo, but in certain games, like Team Fortress, the medkit is carried by a medic to restore health to players by that medic.

*NOTE* In certain places and in certain operations medkits are called go kits, but a go kit is not always a medical kit.

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