A mano is a form of polite behavior practiced in the Philippines. To mano1 means to place the back of an older relative's hand on your slightly bowed head (forehead) as an act of respectful greeting.

Some of my relatives actually don't like it when I mano them because supposedly it makes them feel old.

A member of the Fatal Five.

Mano's homeworld is the pollution covered world of Angtu. Natives of Angtu must wear special suits and helmets to protect them from the atmosphere of the planet. Mano's mother was exposed to Angtu's atmosphere while pregnant with Mano and as a result Mano was born with a disc on his right hand that disintergrates anything it touches. Mano destroyed his entire planet using his disintergration touch.

Mano was rescued from having his arm amputated by Ferro Lad in return for helping the Legion of Super-Heroes defeat a Sun-eater that threatened Earth. Mano and four other villains were brought together to form the Fatal Five and continued working together after the crises was over.

Mano can only control his disintergration disc by wearing a special glove. He also is forced to wear an enviromental suit to allow him to breathe the atmosphere of his home planet.

Ma"no (?), n. [Sp., lit., hand.]

The muller, or crushing and grinding stone, used in grinding corn on a metate. [Mexico & Local U. S.]


© Webster 1913

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