Everyone at some point, wishes they had magic glasses so they could show someone what they were talking about. Sometimes, you can't show, you can only see. Trying to paint a picture, one scene, of your life for someone is almost futile, since they can only draw upon their own basis of knowledge to interpret the picture. They never really get it.

Magic glasses are foolish to wish for, or even mention, but still I wonder how it would feel to really see the world through someone else's eyes. First I'd start with the people around me, selfishly trying to find the place they think from, the source of their love, hate, or indifference towards you. Could any of us handle what we would find there?

Then I'd move to the people in the street. The woman yawning with her mouth all wide, her fingers laced in gold. The herd of college aged guys with their uniforms of feigned uniqueness; would I learn something about them that they don't even know yet, because they aren't ready.

I don't think that people think deeply all the time, or see with their eyes open all the time. But I do think we don't let our thoughts or our personal perception of our world shake us up much. We don't feel alive in our thoughts and we resort to things of comfort, things of consistancy, when pitted against so many options.

Lastly, I can't help but think of all the people who fell into despair or depression, suicide or grief, simply because they felt as though no one really saw things the way they did. Some people get a kick out of that concept, riding on the ego trip. But for most of us, it is more than disconcerting to believe that no one gets us, no one understands. These sentiments don't always leave you just because you grow up, either; I'm still fighting it, and I'm not the only one. So, what if these people had magic glasses, if just once they could, while slumping over in their sick beds or from the blood-stained bathtub, lean over with these glasses and say, "See, see? This is how I see."

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