Hmmm an anonymous nodeshell.

Lower Lights (called 'LL' or just 'lights') is or, for reasons that will be explained later, was a BBS operating in the Heart of the Salt Lake Valley. Started officially in 1991 (unofficially in early '90), it happened to be the largest chat board in the State of Utah and second only to a few boards in Cali for the title of 'Largest Chat Board West of the Missisippi'. A place where, during it's heyday, you could find the company of many a cool modemer.

I was one of the first users, my user number being well below 100 in those days, back when 'modem' wasn't a common word and they were called 'forums', not 'chat rooms'. FORUMS DAMNIT! For a small monthly donation (in the amount of about 5 USD) your daily alloted time was moved up from 1 hour (in 20 minute blocks) to 3 hours (in 1 hour blocks), and you were give the ability to do actions.

In the pre popularization of computers days, the quatity of the people you could talk to was unmatched. Even in '96, when modems became popular, we managed to wade through the prubes pretty well. There was many a lively modem coffee or LL Picnic in those days. I never went to them, not having had a car during most of that time. Many of us even had our first romantic relationships there; I did, and like Lights itself, it ended painfully.

Sadly, due to the rise of the internet, LL has suffered a decline. It once has over 64 phone lines, but that number has dwindled to 2, most of which are never used thanks to telnet. A system that long ago was always busy now that now sees periods where there is no one logged on.

And so, barring the cunning plan we're working on, in February 2001, The Lower Lights BBS will be put to bed. We will miss it, but all things must needs come to an end.

But you can never tell for sure. Us LL users are a wiley bunch.

Avviso - April 11, 2001: As of this writting, managment of Lower Lights has passed from the Hands of the venerable Light Keeper, to a group of individuals who promise ti keep the place alive! Therefore, I invite you all to telnet to and have some fun!

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