the love heart does not reside in a person for me
not a single only perfect match to be sought
quested after longed for searched for and found
perhaps and then won through longing faith guile
perseverance war projection trickery

the love heart is the Beloved in Rumi's poems
the one the all the universe the all in one
every electron spinning true circling all together
with the stars also turning and galaxies spinning
all so fast my mind shrinks and expands

in hopes of understanding reuniting loving running
away frightened and hurrying back to love
and daily now my journal starts with paper pen and me
awake writing the date and Oh Beloved as I set my
heart on paper and ask what is your will?

and now a love who has words of love and sweetness
pours like honey Oh Beloved I asked you begged you prayed
and longed for this and still I am afraid and run away
only to circle back I run less far I am less afraid
I stay still in love with you, terrible beautiful One

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