A literacy history is a personal reflection, usually written, on an individual's life experiences with reading and writing. It's an interesting exercise, and for the more introspective writers, one that may result in numerous and varied pieces. I recommend it highly.

I've got literacy histories on the brain because I've spent the past month or so moving, which has involved unearthing reams of forgotten writing, some for school, others not. I had no idea I was so prolific, or maybe I'd just forgotten. In any case, Good Lord! It turns out I've been keeping diaries since I was eight at least, probably earlier. I started writing behavioral studies of the people around me in second grade! Apparently, I've always been a nerd. I've certainly always been an eager reader and writer. But I digress. My writeup Mr. Stupid, or Learning to Write is an example of a literacy history, and all nodevertising aside, I posted it on e2 in part so I could write this post and in particular the next sentence. I highly recommend everyone try writing a literacy history at some point: I found it a rewarding experience.

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