Lesbian feminism is one feminist theoretical groundwork that defines lesbianism as a "women having a woman-centered existence." Lesbian feminists believe that this is important because women's experiences are so different from men's that they need to have positive, strong female bonds to live healthy lives.

This woman-centered existence can cover many relationships depending on the woman. Some lesbian feminist relationships could include groups of women involved in friendship, recreation, or business. Some lesbian feminists separate lesbian existence into a continuum that spans four areas of lesbianism:

  • homo social - having social relationships that consist primarily of members of the same sex (ie: even sewing circles)
  • homo emotional - having a majority or large percentage of a woman's emotional ties be to members of the same sex
  • homo erotic - women finding other women attractive or sexually exciting without sexual contact
  • homo sexual - sexual relationships with members of the same sex

These distinctions help heterosexual women understand the basis of lesbian feminism without getting hung up on the semantics of the term lesbian.

Lesbian feminists see lesbian existence as a radical feminist action that flouts patriarchy, hitting it at its most base and controlling level.

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