Kroepoek, for lack of a better description, is the Dutch word that refers to a few different kinds of deep fried rice crackers served as a side dish with spicy Indonesian food. The two kinds of kroepoek I am familiar with are:

  • kroepoek oedang (my favorite), made with rice flour, shrimp and pinkish-colored as a result
  • kroepoek palembang, which is made with rice flour and fish, and usually pale golden brown in color

Although I realize neither of those may sound particularly tasty, I promise they're a nice complement to the scorch of sambal. You can buy kroepoek dried (in which case you have to deep fry it yourself) or pre-fried, in the Asian foods section of any Dutch supermarket. It's considerably harder to find in the States, but you might try Asian grocery stores.

If you read Dutch, a nice description of the different kinds of kroepoek can be found at:

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