A technique seen in both breakdancing and martial arts. It's performed from a prone position, and the legs are rocked back towards the chest, and then quickly thrust back downwards. The force of the legs will create sort of a whipping motion, allowing the performer to lift their torso and let their legs go into a crouching position. The hands can be used to help propel the upper body, but if you're really hardcore, you won't use 'em. Not acheiving enough thrust on this move usually results in flying backwards comically (though rarely any actually painful collisions or falls happen - the most painful side effect is the headache one gets from whipping one's head around so much).

Kip ups are generally acknowledged as the coolest way to get up from the ground (and if done well, I guess they could be useful, seeing as how a good kip up is real quick and you don't need your hands), and will often be seen in martial arts movies. Often followed by a long, cool stare at having just been knocked down in the first place.

Really dumb people might call this the "Chinese Get Up."

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