My whole life I have heard it said, "Don't throw out the baby with the bath water."

I bathed my babies until they hardly fit in the kitchen sink. I never threw out the babies.

Then there is the kitchen sink phenomenon;
As in she made a pot of stew, putting everything in it,
but the kitchen sink.

I saw the Homeless to Harvard author on Jay Leno
humbly say, "I believe there is at least one book
inside every person."

Which, if one were to take her literally,
it's a humorous visual,
yet probably quite true.
Daunting, if you don't like to write
or don't have the time,
or it's not on your bucket list, your birdwatching list, your life list.

I suppose you could hire a ghost writer,
but that seems like cheating somehow.

Once my daughter and I were driving to a few destinations
with her 3 year old son in the back seat, and I referred to what is now called
"multi-tasking" by using the phrase, "We could kill more than two birds with one stone."

Horrified, my grandson wailed, "Why would you want to kill any birds with stones?"

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