Here's a prank so well-known, but so classic it must be noded. What better day to do so than Friday the 13th?

  1. Find a piece of paper no smaller than a Post-it(tm) note and no larger than a Letter or A4 sized sheet.
  2. Using a wide-width pen or marker, write "KICK ME" on the paper in large letters.
  3. Place a piece of sticky tape on the top of the paper so that half is dangling off. Temporarily attach dangling end to thumb or finger.
  4. Approach unsuspecting target.
  5. Distract or have an accomplice distract said target.
  6. Place the business end of the sticky tape between shoulder blades of target. (If you are clever you can manufacture a distraction which will provide a plausible explanation for why you are touching the target. On the other hand, stealth may be preferable as it may further delay the determination of your guilt.)
  7. Stand back and relish the unfolding of your criminal plot.

Disclaimer: Do not attempt when in close proximity to teachers, principals, parents or especially lawyers.

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