Literally from the Greek, "special time" or more appropriately the idea that there are multiple ways of perceiving the passage of time; the normal mode is simply called the familiar "chronos" and has to do with everyday life. "Kairos" on the other hand has to do with those transcendental moments in our lives, in which time loses meaning. I like this different classification. Not only does it give a name to those times in your life when you have used the cliche, I know you have "I wish this would last forever". Or better yet, that feeling of peace, integrity, joy, and connection lying breathless next to the one you love. My favorite part about the idea behind the distinction between "Kairos" and "Chronos" is that they are natural parts of the human experience. It seems our current mentality has not left room for this time out of time, we have forgotten what is means to live life outside of the average and yet not within the bounds of the extraordinary.

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