I say sometime to jessicapierce "Jaypea!" Don't know why. Brain weevils? Maybe.

She say, "I be mean like viper." (explain: Jaypea be editorwoman so tuff like uncooked mochi.)

I say, "Viper cannot be mean. Viper just do viper stuff 'cause be viper."
(stimulus/response within an environmental context of interactions, sometimes prone to emergent patterns of behaviour through the weaving of these into new systems through autopoesis).

So then I say, "Jaypea not viper, Jaypea just be Jaypea. Not involve little viper. Jaypea just be Jaypea." (Ack!) or (Yay!)
(a wider context of decision making through an gathering of perceptual/cognitive arrays providing greater range).

Jaypea be happy for me say her as "Jaypea", then me happy too. Happy, happy.

dem bones, be Jaypea make me say you be puddin'. Not me. Her. C'est Jaypea, henh? So sorry, neh? Still my fault. Ohhhhh...

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