InterBBS games were games played between BBSes on a large scale. InterBBS Leagues sprang up with the spread of FidoNET and InterBBS games such as BRE. Add-ons were created for other games, such as LORD to allow InterBBS play for games that weren't truely meant to be played on such a large scale.

InterBBS games were truely a unique experience, and embodied the essence of the BBS. There was nothing like teaming up with your local pals to fight off the approaching foriegn menace, or working with those foriegn people to subvert your own local brethren.

Unfortunately, InterBBS gaming came way too late and just as the Internet began to eat away BBS mindshare. At first, the 'net allowed SysOps to distribute their InterBBS data files with much lower cost and over greater distances than FidoNET, but before long users had their own internet access and InterBBS became a moot point. Today, you can still play I-BBS games on telnet boards and InterBBS concepts thrive in games such as Utopia and Earth 2025.

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