Insurge are an industrial band from Sydney, Australia.

They are amazingly opinionated, given their anarchist doctrines, with an accent on ecology and equality. The band's web page contains a near complete manifesto and some links to other resources, including alternative energy, the work of Nicola Tesla and essays criticising current "First World" economic theory, many of which were written by the band's vocalist, Chris Dubrow.

They have released two albums (Power To The Poison People and Globalization) and a few EPs (Speculator, IMF, Political Prisoners and DMF).

As well as this, they have had at least one song I haven't seen on a CD, "I Hate Stupid People".

Along with "I Hate Stupid People", my favourite songs would have to be "Agitation", "Speculator", "Political Prisoners", "Images of London" and "Sydney 2000 Toxic Sludge".

All of their songs, with the exception of "I Hate Stupid People" are available to download as mp3s off the band's site.

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