a similar thing happens to me occasionally while reading the journals (homework) of my english language students.

they sometimes mess up the english, creating some of the most powerful sentences ive ever heard. invoking such imagery as ive rarely encountered amongst the writings of english speakers.

i dont know if its because ive been away from natural english conversation for soo long or what, but i find myself scribing the utterances of my students, and later correcting the grammar and developing the ideas they inspired.

here are some examples

"i am on my way to ito" - correct enough, but something profound emminates.
"i went flower arangement class. rose was beautiful. but my arangement wasnt" - i though it was very amusing.
"my stomache worked well today also." - i cant even imagine the context.
"i fought with the cockroach at 3am. this fight continued untill daybreak" - how big was this roach?!
"shape is not speaking" - indeed!

they may not inspire you, but then how am i to know what will?

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