A young Ben Gibbard was apparently listening in science class:

And when I see you,
I really see you upside-down.
But my brain knows better,
It picks you up and turns you 'round.
Turns you around.
Turns you around.*

And that's actually how vision works. The image is upside-down when it lands on the retinae, but the brain re-orients it for you. Sneaking a science lesson into a neat little song is certainly admirable, but I say this doesn't go far enough. There should be more songs that teach physics to those unbearably trendy indie youths. Just imagine:

And when I observe you,
I really see a wave.
The more certain I am of your position,
The less certain I am of your momentum.
And vice-versa.
And vice-versa.

...Okay, maybe a bad idea after all.

* "A Lack of Color" by Death Cab for Cutie.

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