Disclaimer: I am NOT hot. I'm very, very un-hot. I make people run in the other direction. Even if I was attractive, sex is not just for typically "sexy" people. So if this story is misleading and makes me out to be attractive in any way, then please refer back to this disclaimer to remind you of my ugliness. Thank you.

Between my friends and I, it's no secret that I'm a sexual person. However, my sexuality is often restrained by my morals. This past summer was my first as a single young woman in three years, and I was more than ready to p(lay) the field. Upon having my first relationship-free sexual experiences I realized that casual sex wasn't for me. So I waited, and waited, and waited for the right guy. Well, good news! I've found him. We've been together for about three months now and everything is going uber-smoothly.

Since this new relationship of mine took the anticipated sexual turn, I've noticed a change in myself. In my last serious relationship sex was a vital, but I only had sex with my partner on a regular basis because I felt it was necessary to keep the relationship strong. Everyone knows that a healthy sex life helps tremendously in any relationship, but does it vary from one relationship to the other.

The answer is YES, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn't all depend on size. In this new relationship of mine, instead of pushing myself to have sex, it's almost as if I have this constant uncontrollable urge to, for lack of a better word, fuck. It strikes me at all times of the day. After just having sex I still have this craving for more, even if I'm beyond the point of physical exhaustion. My poor boyfriend, who is almost as insatiable as I am, tries his best to keep up with my appetite, but sometimes finds it impossible.

For now, this kind of life style is fitting. It's a fairly new relationship and the two of us can't get enough of each other. However, I worry about this effecting our relationship further down the road. So in search of an explanation for my unquenchable sexual thirst, I hit up the 'ol trusty internet and Googled till I could Google no more. What I found was an article on something called "iku iku byo" or for those of us who don' speak Japanese, "cum cum disease".

Apparently an increasing number of Japanese woman are experiencing something similar to what I have recently been undergoing. They are plagued by an illness that is causing them to orgasm throughout the day, and it has been suggested that this could be deadly.

Some women talk of feeling blood rushing to "a certain part of their body" over a tap on the shoulder, being brushed up against on a train, or even the vibration of their cellular phone.

This ailment is also being called Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS). It is thought to be caused by a woman's body reacting to even the slightest stimulation whether they've been thinking about sex or not. PSAS was first documented in the US five years ago, and is thought to be caused in an irregularity in the sensory nerves.

Apparently not much is known about PSAS, because the afflicted are often to ashamed or embarrassed to report it to a doctor. However, support groups have popped up all over the US, and the same can be expected in Japan in the near future. The article mentions that if you have even the slightest suspicion that you might have PSAS then you should see a gynecologist or neurologist immediately.

I did some further research and have concluded that this whole thing is a crock. I believe someone made the whole thing up, wrote it up in a believable fashion, plastered it on the internet, and then hoped it would be embraced as a reality. That or it's based on some crazy, old, Japanese wives' tale.

So basically, to make a long story short, I'm a sex addict. :)


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