Created by Red Egg Software, ieSpell is a spell checker utility for Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is completely free for home use, and contains NO SPYWARE or ADWARE. The program creates a new button in the Internet Explorer tool bar, which after writing something, can be clicked and a spell checker dialog box, (like the one in Microsoft Word), will pop up and check your spelling. You can also right click on the screen to use ieSpell. I find it to be a very handy little program, especially here on E2.

IeSpell will work with just about any Internet Explorer based browser, however, when using AOL or the MSN browsers the only way to use ieSpell is by right clicking on the screen. It can be a very helpful little tool to those of us who are not always the greatest spellers. It is a very small download, version 2.1.1 was only 1.5 megabytes. It is very easy to use and install. I would definitely recommend this program to others.

Minimum system requirements:

Go to to get it for free!

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