A progressive band from Salt Lake City, Utah. They put out a few 7"s on Victory Records in the early/mid 90's. From this came a very mathy, very un-Victory full-length, Firon. They then "progressed" and moved on to Revelation Records where they produced Hephaestus, described as 79 minutes of a single thought. Hephaestus contains various jazz tinkerings and is to this day on my "most-listened-to" list. They then progressed some more and put out Polar bear suite and power of the lion. i heard one of these, but i must say it sounded like they'd ingested a little too much paodie out there in salt lake. Not to be forgotten, they also did a split with Engine Kid and another full-length not unlike hephaestus called Meditavolutions, also top notch.
Oh yeah and somewhere in there they changed the name to the Iceburn Collective. I think it was between hephaestus and meditavolutions.

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