Although often regarded by Alaskans as a hoax, the Iceworm actually does exist. These small, threadlike, segmented black worms, usually less than 1 inch long, thrive in temepratures just above freezing. Observers as far back as the 1880s reported that at down or dusk or on overcast days, the tiny worms may literally carpet the surface of a glacier. When sunlight strikes them and the ice, they burrow back down into the ice. Temperatures over 75 (fahrenheit)

Cordova, AK commemorates its own version of the iceworm each February with an Iceworm Festival, when a 100 foot long, multilegged 'iceworm' leads a parade down Main Street. Other activities include an arts and crafts show, ski events, contests, dances, and an honorary King and Queen. All for the 1 inch long ice worm.

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