On the second Monday of every September, there are a group of us who go to the local ice maker (yes, they still exist) and get blocks of ice the size of cinder blocks.

We then get a group of thirty to forty kids and take them to the one of the local parks with some huge sledding hills.

What happens next usually draws a big crowd and amazes everyone involved:
  1. Grab a block of ice.
  2. Put a folded towel on it.
  3. Sit down.
  4. Hang on for your life!
Yes, it's true. We actually took the effort to time it one year and we achieved speeds slightly faster on ice blocks on normal grass than sleds on snow.

It's ninety degrees Fahrenheit outside and I wouldn't miss tonight's event for all the world.
Ahh, yes. We did this too in junior high and high school.

We called it "Ice Blocking." No one quite knew what we meant by it, which was to our advantage.

Watch out for dirt. Before you know it, you will be laying face-down in wet grass wondering what the hell just happened, while your friends laugh so hard that they fall off their blocks as well.

Hint #2:
Adidas shelltoes or some other slick-bottom shoe is preferrable for ultimate speed and control.

Have fun.

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