UDP and TCP port 8000 is allocated by IANA. No one seems to know what the service is (a web search will yield several queries out to mailing lists regarding what iRDMI is, but no responses that yield enlightenment). Gil Shafriri of Intel is listed as the allocator, with the e-mail address of shafriri@ilccm1.iil.intel.com, although that address bounces (unknown user).

Intel has a service called "Desktop Management Interface", so my personal guess is that iRDMI stands for "Intel Remote Desktop Management Interface", but the project was abandoned early, although late enough for port 7999 to be allocated to iRDMI2, but I have no direct evidence to support any of that (other than port 7999 is allocated to iRDMI2).

Port 8000 is often used by web servers and web proxies, the Shoutcast streaming audio server, PhoneFree, and the JetDirect Web Interface Server. If you are having a port 8000 issue, it is much more likely to be one of these services than iRDMI.

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