i want to be a dj; i want a dj name; i want to live in a wall of sound of my own creation (editing); i want to be in love when my heart beats to a bass that feels like an earthquake; good morning LA

i want to be a glass blower; i want to feel the heat and watch the colors melt and distort in a way that crayons never could or will; i want to shatter beauty - accidentally

i want to be a backpacker; i want to document the world and know that the scribbled words in my journal will never read like the way a hostel smells; i want to understand incomprehensible idioms in other languages; i want to love a country until i hate it and then come to love it again when i’m home working as some glorified office or retail bitch

i want you; i want you so bad it's driving me mad (it's driving me mad)

i want a vespa; fucking gas prices; i want to be cool like every teenager in italy; who doesn't?

i want to be a writer; i want egoism dripping out of inkwells and honesty smudging the words; i want blank pages with typewriter keys that stick when you capitalize "z" - luckily i rarely do


i want a polaroid camera (with its film now endangered: soon to be extinct); i want to find people who are truly happy or truly sad or truly nostalgic or truly lovesick or truly hungry and document them; i want to paste those photos on telephone poles then take pictures of those photos on poles; i want to write poetry on them with sharpies; i want a sharpie high, it feels artistic

i want to kiss you and feel it; and i want you to remember; i blame the alcohol but you got that first kiss twice

i want to sleep on the great wall of china; i don’t have much desire to go to china but i want to sleep on the great wall; lying on rocks enclosing the bones of dead men, if that is not romance, tell me what is

i want a tattoo with colors so brilliant to never fade; i want a tattoo that will never smudge; i want a body that will accommodate for that; i want unrelenting meaning in a shallow decoration

i want soufflés and lobster; i want street tacos and falafels; i want food that is passion but doesn’t replace it; i want cheese and chocolate and mangos and black beans and ostrich and capers and lentils and bread and celery and hummus and kumquats

i don’t know dude

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