I want to move to upstate New York and start a granola farm. "Why"? you may ask. I am weary of the sameness of it all. The same strip mall over and over. The same starbucks, the same value meal , no matter where one is.
< p> Does it really matter anymore where you are? Is anywhere managing to retain a unique character all its own? with a feel of history and ambiance?
All of America is currently watching the same commercial. It boggles the mind to think how many Americans will be having the exact same experience tomorrow.
Corporate America is taking on a whole new meaning these days. A non homogenized, non synthesised experience is something that is so rare to find.
< p> Is it really that radically far from the concepts of futuristic nightmares so many artists struggled with over the last century?
< p> And to top it all of , we're spreading this way of life into countries with ancient histories and incredible civilizations.
And so, I feel like I want something real in an extreme way.A big plot of land, with animals and an art studio out back, and a few completely organic children running around in my homegrown tomato patch. Am I losing my mind?

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