Health Realization, an understanding, a way of living that involves realizing that innate psychological health exists for all people. This understanding was formerly known as Psychology of Mind. Health Realization (HR) is based on the three principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. One of the best texts that gives one a good grasp of HR is The Renaissance of Psychology, by George S. Pransky, ISBN 1-57613-024-X. I myself am a clinical psychologist and the principles of this understanding turn much of what I have been taught about psychotherapy on its ear. Since attending two foundation courses in HR, I have begun to find my own innate psychological health. I want to learn more about how to offer this understanding to the mental health staff I supervise and patients with whom I come in contact. I welcome anyone else who has had contact with Psychology of Mind/Health Realization to comment. I consider myself a novice in living this wonderful new understanding. I have been taught mostly by reading, examples and applying the principles to my daily life. The idea is not to apply the principles, but to live them.

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