After receiving an e-card from my older brother in California with a background of daisies, a photograph of a girl's hands holding daisies, falling orange letters that spelled out "Happy Birthday", classical music playing that I couldn't quite identify, and well-wishes for many more, he had personalized it with the quote "Hang on Yellow Hair, Reno is comin'".

After googling the quote, no match. I tried John Wayne movies, no match. Vaguely remembered George Armstrong Custer was sometimes called "Yellow Hair" and sure enough, I found out who Reno was, thanks to Wikipedia and, and I don't want any Reno coming here. I also learned much more about Custer than before and hope to write a short factual about his Cheyenne bride.

Later, my sister called and wanted to come back down, bringing with her hydroponically grown lettuce. I politely said, "Mom needs rest," thinking perhaps my brother is clairvoyant and not crazy after all.

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