One of the more exciting professional wrestling moves, used frequently in the WWF by Tajiri, and somewhat infrequently by people who associate with him (like his girlfriend Torrie Wilson).

To execute:

  • run towards ropes, with opponent behind you (this can be either initiated by you, or by your opponent as he whips you to the ropes)
  • before you reach the ropes, perform a front handspring (jump onto your hands, with your feet in their air)
  • let your lower body (which is now above the rest of you) to hit the ropes and rebound
  • let the momentum reverse the handspring, so that you are back on your feet, going backwards
  • nail your opponent, who has thoughtfully positioned himself correctly, with your elbow.

The move is really smooth when performed correctly, and I'm sure it is one of the reasons why the otherwise personality-deficient Tajiri to get so over.

As of middle 2002, Tajiri is no longer 'with' Torrie Wilson.

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