I know of only one.

He belongs to my son and is, in fact, stuffed. He is about three inches long and looks like a small tan potato with tiny ears, legs and tail. Elephant has a very cute face, with little black eyes and a very jaunty smile. He looks friendly, and is just the right size to ride in my son's toy jeep.

The tadpole woke last night from a dead sleep, crying, and asked for elephant. As soon as he had him back in his arms, he fell back asleep.

Clearly, Elephant is important.

I took tadpole to Vons last night to get milk. Before we left for Vons, elephant was missing. I searched for him everywhere, finally finding him under the ottoman, with monkeybaby. I gave the boy his hamster, and his lit up. He burst into smiles and began to talk with him.

"What doin', Elephant?"

"Goin' Vons." (I'm not sure who was answering, the boy or the hamster).

Vons has little plastic kid-sized carts that he loves to push around. They tend to be filthy. Tadpole refused to even bring elephant into the store, let alone put him in that cart. He placed him very deliberately into a side pocket on his car seat.

"There. Now he not get in that sky", he said.

Clearly, Elephant does not belong in that sky.

If you would like a hamster named elephant of your own, although you don't have to name it elephant if you don't want to, you can get one from a kid's meal at Subway. Like I said, they look like a potato, but with a cute little smiling face. Tadpole seems to gain great joy and comfort from his, but of course, your mileage may vary.

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