hack-and-slasher  n.

a less convivial and secure type of gamer was never found.  Generally neurotic, overly-sensitive, angry at the world, and homophobic.  Their presence can otherwise spoil a good role-playing session and, if they are of the alpha male variety, they can disrupt a good time like a turd in a punch bowl.  Capable of wheedling their way into most gaming circles and showcasing their L33t skillz by cutting a swath through a plotline with a few clumsy swings of a sword, these types are generally best avoided.

For some of these players, hack-and-slashing is not only a gaming technique--it's a way of life.  They often have difficulty separating character conflict from player conflict and may take it personally when their character is either abandoned or stabbed to death by the rest of the frustrated party.  Most of them have no concept of obligation or reciprocity and they are by and large ignorant of such basic social standards as laws, ethics, codes and taboos.  Their uninteresting and unvarying character concepts generally (and unintentionally) reveal insights into their own personality.

Thankfully, most hack-and-slashers have moved on to more visceral and less intellectual horizons a la Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike, and the like.

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