Taken from the english section of http://www.goodle.com/:

We produce and dispose of inner GOODLE. We realized Korean traditional heating system Ondol into the product inner GOODLE by succeeding merits and supplementing problems within its system. To realize the system we introduced a revolutionary fabricated construction system.

Although it is regarded as the best heating system which has excellent functions and needful merits in it, panel heating system with Ondol has not been sufficiently studied in comparison with research accomplishment in other systems. There needed to develop a new construction method to modernize and to introduce dry process in construction Ondol.

There has been increasing demand for research and development of Ondol due to changes in industrial structure as well as construction environment. Our firm established by engineers who had been developing dry processed Ondol in each other firms realized the product inner GOODLE by combining research accomplishments of each engineers'.

Among those similar products worldwide only inner GOODLE meets thermal efficiency in building law. Conveniences in construction and its light weight improved building structure and substituted present cement mortar Ondol construction. It pioneers new frontier of construction environment.

As a remarkable Ondol system inner GOODLE has been selected as standard model in Ondol system by Samsung Cherville, and it preoccupies Ondol market. It is evaluated as a sole alternative Ondol system in construction of wooden house, steel-frame structure, PC apartment and etc. In the construction stream of standardization and normalization, fabricated inner GOODLE promises bright future and tremendous growth potential.

We exert to introduce the best heating system, Ondol worldwide and to create new construction and housing environment.

And THAT, in all its poorly-translated glory, is about all that the english-speaking part of the 'net knows about GOODLE. It should be noted that many hours of amusement can be derived from running this text through a markov chains sentence generator or something along the lines of dadadodo.

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