Glitter angels spread joy through the world by distributing glitter at parties, and by having very shiny personalities. I would like to tell you about my glitter angel experience.

I was having a terrible night and family bullshit kept me from getting to Brennan's until after 12. When I got there, I finally started to relax a little, the Groove Gurus were playing some great tunes that moved me to the dance floor and got my ass moving. But my groove was not completely there. My back was still tense and there was a pressure behind my eyes that threatened to become a migraine. Until Brendan walked into the bar.

Brendan was covered in sparkles and was wearing a smile that glowed in the dark. Just one look at him made me smile, a few minutes of dancing released most of my tension, and the strawberry scented glitter he shared with me put me over the top!

Hooray for all the glitter angels of the world!

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