A telesales term for the person who will prevent you from reaching your target (sale). In business sales it will usually be the personal assistant and for a household sale it will be a concerned relative.

In the case of business related sales the trick to get around the gatekeeper is to convince them you are a legitimate caller rather than someone trying to make a sale. I believe it's called "having an air of authority about you".

Good luck with household sales as most people aren't required to be "polite" in their own homes, whereas a personal assistant has to.

The Gatekeeper is the host for the Nightmare video board game. He is really the best part about the game; for the innovative aspect, if you actually care about the design of board games, and for the comedic aspect, if you don't.

Basically, the concept of the game is for the players to move around the board and collect keys. Pretty simple, but the catch is that you put on a video while playing, and every once in a while this character called the Gatekeeper pops up on the TV screen and gives instructions. The Gatekeeper is apparently some sort of a cantankerous hermit who wears a tattered potato-sack hood. At the beginning of the game, he has the appearance of a middle-aged European man, (and the accent to go along with it), but as the game clock advances, he ages and winds up looking like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.

During the game, the Gatekeeper addresses the individual players, by calling them by their pre-assigned number or the colour of their game piece. Sometimes, he calls for the oldest or youngest player by calling old one or young one, respectively. The "rule" is, whenever he calls for you, you must respond by shouting "Yes, my Gatekeeper!".

One of the more hilarious aspects of the Gatekeeper and Nightmare is the insults that the Gatekeeper is prone to dish out on the players. The following is a compilation of some choice Gatekeeper quotes (these are paraphrased from memory, please excuse the lack of historical accuracy):

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