Futari is a dish served in several of the countries of Western Africa, made largely of yam, squash, onion and coconut milk. The dish, that is; not the countries.

1 onion
500g squash
1kg yam
vegetable, canola, flaxseed, or olive oil
250 mL coconut milk
3mL ground cinnamon
2mL teaspoon ground cloves

Chop onion
Peel squash, and cut into 3cm cubes
Peel yams, and cut into 3cm cubes
Fry onion in skillet, stir and cook until tender
Stir in all other ingredients, and heat to a boil
Reduce heat, cover and stir occasionally
Cook until vegetables are tender (ten to fifteen minutes)
Salt to taste

Futari is also a word in Japanese, meaning "two people" or "couple". It is also a word in Finnish, but I don't yet know what. More research required. /msg me if you find out first.

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