In Tetrisphere for the N64:

If you start a combo with a power block (see the Tetrisphere node for details) the rate at which blocks blow up slows down.

Say you place a square block down to start a power combo, sometimes, the next piece you have to place is also a square block.

In cases like this, you can "grab" one of the blocks in the power combo while it's flashing (before it blows up) and move it to a different place where there are two or more square blocks lined up.

Once you let go of the flashing block, the square blocks that are now touching the flashing square block will blow up. The combo "continued" or "fused" from the first combo to the second one with the flashing block.

This takes a little practice to get the hang of. But is generally worth the practice as fuse combos increase your point multiplier.

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