A fundoshi is a japanese version of a loin cloth. Many people wear a fundoshi as underwear. A fundoshi has a long cloth with straps at both ends (think of a large "T") The straps are tied around the waste holding the cloth between the mid section of the body. I was told that the fundoshi is very comfortable.

There is a Japense festival called the Fundoshi Run in Sapporro, Japan which is held in the winter.

Well, actually not so very many people wear fundoshi any longer.

They are primarily worn, if at all, on ceremonial occasions such as misogi purifications and other Shinto festivals.

I understand that they can be purchased now as a one piece unit that can be slipped on as if they were a pair of briefs. This is probably a good thing since many people no longer know how to wrap the fundoshi properly and they can come undone at the most inopportune moments. (blush)

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