Frette is 'froid' in Joual, which is 'cold' in English.

As you walk by the streets of Montreal, huddled in your bubble jacket waiting for the 34 Sainte-Catherine to arrive, the man beside you mutters under his breath:

    "Y fa frette en calice!"
    It's fucking cold!
Note that 'y' is not the pronoun 'y', but how Quebecers/Quebecois pronounce 'Il' which is the 3rd person pronoun (singular). Uh...that might be confusing, but if you've studied any French, you'd know what I mean.

Also 'fa' is 'fait' and under some rough Quebecois accents, that is the result.

In standard French, the output would be (drum roll):

    Il fait très froid.
    It is very cold.

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