Juice the lemons. Add in the simple syrup and water, mix. Vary amounts to taste.

Do not use corn syrup. Shun any lemonade that uses corn syrup instead of sugar!

you call that a writeup?

Lissen, in the tradition of tending the bar, allow me to tell you how to make delicious lemonade, freshly squeezed by yourself. Let me also explain that i am a lazy, burly man. Even though it may be argued that making your own lemonade is more difficult than just buying some, i contend the slight extra effort is well worth it. In the blisteringly hot Georgia summers, drinking a heavily iced glass of this very lemonade with a ratio of 2:1::lemonade:vodka is beyond refreshing.

Get yrself a pitcher to make this in. In that pitcher, put
  • 4 lemons, cut in half and squoze (in the pitcher) to the best of your abilites
  • 3/4 cup sugar
That's right, put the lemon rinds right in the pitcher with the juice you just squeezed from them and cover with sugar. Let this sit for at least half an hour. The sugar will draw out some of the volitile and aromatic oils in the lemon rinds and pulp, making the lemonade extra tasty.

I know some of you are hippies and give a shit about pesticides or wax on the rinds. Fine. Wash 'em if ya like. i don't and my lemonade fucking rules.

The amount of sugar is highly variable, depending on how you like it. Even down here, where we like our sweet tea so sweet it makes your teeth ache, i found one cup to make excessively sweet lemonade. 3/4 cup should be about right. Try it yourself and find out.

Now that the lemons and sugar have macerated, boil 2 cups of water and pour it in the pitcher. Stir. Taste. The lemonade will be strong, but try to see if the sweet/sour ratio is right. Add more sugar or lemons to taste. Dilute with cold cold water and ice cubes (about another 2 cups). Pour a glass. Add vodka or gin. Enjoy.

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