FreeISO is a site hosted by PSInet (eg. fast!) that contains ISO images of Linux/UNIX/BSD type Operating Systems that are easy to download, write to a cd/rw and implement.

Available Distro's
accellinux Accel Linux ISO from (korean dist.)
connectiva-4.0 Conectiva 4.0 ISO from (brazilian d ist.)
corel Corel Linux ISO from
debian-cd Debian CD Images from
demolinux Demolinux Images from
freebsd FreeBSD 3.3 CD Image from
mandrake Linux-Mandrake CD Images from
mandrake-devel Linux-Mandrake Cooker ISO from
mizios Mizi Linux ISO from (korean dist.)
mklinux-dr3 MKLinux DR3 ISO from
netbsd NetBSD CD Images from
openbsd OpenBSD ISO from
openlinux Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 CD Images from
peanut Peanut Linux ISO from
powerlinux Power Linux ISO from (korean dist.)
redhat-6.1 Redhat 6.1 ISO from
slackware-7.0 Slackware 7.0 ISO from
spiro Spiro ISO from
storm Storm Linux ISO from
suse SuSE 6.2 ISO from
turbolinux Turbolinux ISO from
turbolinux-j Turbolinux-J ISO from (japanese dist.)
ultrapenguin Ultrapenguin ISO from
winlinux Winlinux ISO from (
yellowloglinux Yellow Dog Linux ISO from


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