Freak Flag...
the practice (the late 50s to 70s was its heyday, but it still goes on) of keeping long hair (on men) as a sign of 'quiet rebellion' against the oppressive, conformist world that they're forced to live in. A shame, I suppose, that it doesn't work, that they're oppressed even more, that their peers join in the opression of all ideas (at least, from my experience), and that shampoo bills (for those that believe in shampoo) get exponentially higher.
The "freak flag" is mentioned in Jimi Hendrix's "if 6 was 9":
"white-collared conservative flashing down the street pointing their plastic finger at me yeah, well, soon my kind will drop and die, but i'm gonna wave my freak flag high!"
And, in Crosby, Stills, and Nash's Almost Cut My Hair:
"Almost cut my hair Happened just the other day It was getting kinda long Coulda said it wasn't my way, But I didn't, and I wonder why, feel like letting my freak flag fly Yes, I feel, like I almost almost cut my hair."

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