Music that I always picture the less outstanding members of fraternities listening to. I use it half-mockingly, but usually in the context: "Well, sometimes I like to listen to frat rock." This is the music listened to by frat boys as they drive muscle cars, wear Polo cologne, drink cheap beer, date sorority girls, and tell each other how cool they are.

I chose these bands based on the herd-following habits of frat boys. The defining characteristic is that these guys think they're being original and cool, when in fact they're just listening to what everyone else is -- and they're rarely interested in experimenting.

There seem to be two distinct categories forming. First, the metal-heads:

And then there are the sensitive guys:

I'm sure I've missed a few. (A lot?) Please feel free to /msg me with any additions you feel I should make. (Or, /msg me about what a flaming anti-Greek bigot I am, etc.) For those of you in the Denver, Colorado, area: yes, I'm thinking about KBPI (106.7 FM). For those in El Paso, Texas, KLAQ (95.5 FM) used to have a similar format.

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