A mallet technique used by percussionists in which two mallets are held in each hand. This is alternately called two-mallet technique; there is no naming standard as far as I can tell. The first mallet is grasped between the thumb and first two fingers so that the butt end of the mallet is up under the large muscle at the base of the thumb, and the fingers are underneath the mallet's shaft. The index finder is the pivot point, and the middle finger can push or pull the butt of the mallet so it rotates on the index finger; the butt will roll along the large thumb muscle. This lets you control the distance between the two mallet heads; most people can span an octave on average. The other mallet is held by the last two fingers. Though it is not rotated like the first, you can still strike with it without moving the first, and vice-versa.

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