After the witch was killed, Hansel and Gretel wander around in the forest trying to find their way home. At a fork in the path is stationed a forest ogre's guard; one path leads out of the forest, the other to the ogre's supper table (and not as a guest)!

By order of the ogre, the guard was to be asked only one question by each traveler. The dead witch's grateful cat had warned Hansel and Gretel that the guard lies every other time. Hansel and Gretel asked, one by one, Hansel first, then Gretel.

Q: What question did Gretel ask the guard to be sure to infer the correct decision?

Answer to the forest of sideways logic

This is an adaptation of the riddle from the two headed gatekeeper from the movie labrynth. Which was that one head always lied and the the other always told the truth. The main character had to choose between two paths and was only allowed one question.

I will post the answer to her riddle with the answer to this one.

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