The Femoral Vein is a vein that runs from the knee to the pelvis. It is the largest vein in the pelvic region.


The femoral vein starts at the popliteal space; before that it is the popliteal vein. Fed by the great saphenous vein and the profunda femoris vein, the femoral vein travels up the thigh parallel to the femoral artery inside of the femoral sheath, before draining into the external Iliac Vein. This happens after the inginuinal or Poupart's ligament (where the upper thigh meets the torso).


The word femoral means "of the Femur", applied to this vein due to its proximity to the Femur, the longest bone in the body. Femur is the Latin term for thigh.


In order to palpate the femoral vein, one would find the pulse at the midinguinal point, and move laterally. There you would find the femoral vein.


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