Eyes are the windows to your soul. That's what i've been told anyway. I'm almost sure that someone would have said "If eyes are the windows to your soul then why do I only see the blue screen of death?" I can't find a reference to it so I'm just saying it to give you another angle on eyes and how important they are.

Someone once asked me "How does that make you feel?" I didn't respond I just stared at them. Yes, you guessed it, I stared at them with my eyes. That's another illustration of how important eyes are. Pretty impressive don't you think?

If I haven't convinced you yet I've got more tales like this. I know that scandinavians eat scabs like the rest of us but do they have eyeballs and use them the same way we do? I am sure no one can tell. You just can't take eyes for granted anymore. I know a few decades ago people did and look where it got us today. That's pretty much the case from the get go.

So the next time you are with your friends make sure you get their eyes more involved in the conversation. Reach out and grab their eyes - fondle them. I'm sure they'd appreciate being closer to the action.

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